Estudyante Life: Projects and Tasks

Here I am now– facing my sewing box and the materials I need in making our props. By the way, we have this performance task wherein we will be performing an interpretative dance. My energy is drained and I badly want to sleep now but I can’t!! I have to finish making our props for tomorrow’s performance. It’s like I am being tortured. This is what I hate about having tasks. I’m even running out of money because of buying some materials. And since we aren’t rich, my mother always scold me for spending too much on our performance task.

The thing is that, we are going to have another performance task next week! Why does final grading have to be like this? Sometimes, I even wanted to shout a my teacher’s face that we, her students, aren’t supernatural beings. We are just humans and we also need to rest. Although we have weekends with no classes, we still need to meet our group mates in order for us to practice for another task. The time that I must spend with my family is taken away.  I’m sooooooo tired. I want to rest!

Tasks: Interpretative Dance for our Social Studies subject, Musical play for our Music subject, and Contemporary dance for our Physical Education.

‘Coz I’m only human. And I bleed and I fall down. I’m only human. And I crash and I break down.

One more month to go and we will finally have our summer break. We have to be patient. The struggle is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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