What to read in Wattpad (Filipino)

A lot of people have been asking what to read in wattpad (filipino category). I’ve started reading on wattpad since 2013 and I can really tell that there are so many changes from the way of writings down to the characteristics of the characters in the stories.

Note: The things I listed down below are based on my personal preferences.

Before anything else, I would like to list down my top 10 favorite authors. Here they are:

  1. Jonaxx
  2. WalangMagawa1210
  3. BlackLily
  4. rainbowcoloredmind
  5. Beeyotch
  6. JhingBautista
  7. owwSIC
  8. FrustratedGirlwriter
  9. sielalstreim
  10. Yam-Yam28

Best Wattpad Stories

  • Jonaxx Stories (Jonaxx)
  • Montello High (sielalstreim)
  • Halikan kita Diyan eh (Blacklily)
  • The gay who stabbed me (Blacklily)
  • The gay who stole my boyfriend (BlackLily)
  • Tamako Sia (BlackLily)
  • Kasamaan ba tayo Tamadao Sia (Blacklily)
  • Just the Strings (Beeyotch)
  • Just the Benefits (beeyotch)
  • Falcon University Series (walangmagawa1210)
  • The Four Bad Boys and Me (Blue_maiden)
  • The air I breath (walangmagawa1210)
  • Girlfriend for Hire (yam-yam28)
  • This is not a love story (yam-yam28)
  • Finding Mr. Wrong (walangmagawa1210)
  • I love you Kuya (walangmagawa1210)
  • That promdi girl (owwSIC)
  • Ang mahiwagang bra ni lola (owwsic)
  • Diary ng hindi malandi slight lang (owwSIC)
  • Sleeping with my rapist (rainbowcoloredmind)
  • When it all ends (beeyotch)

I will end my list in here. Well, I cannot possibly list down all the things or stories that I like but if you’ll explore wattpad by yourself, you can surely find your own taste in there. Enjoy reading.




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